Edublogs in Action

Demonstrating how categories on posts with a custom menu can send posts to different pages on a blog


Welcome to our Showcase blog!

The purpose of this blog is to demonstrate how assigning categories to posts with a custom menu can be used to send posts to different pages on your blog.

This approach works well if you teach several different subjects and want your students to click on a link  in the top navigation area of your blog to access all the posts for their class.

We’ve kept it simple by sending posts to different pages for:

  1. Geography
  2. Literature
  3. Maths

You can use this same approach if you teach the same subject for different grades.  For example, you might assign your posts categories like Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9.

It also works well for Book Review blogs where you assign the genres as categories to posts.

We’ve added in a Blogging Guidelines page so you can see that you add whatever types of links you want when using a custom menu.

Important tip

This approach works best if you use a theme that displays the full post on your category page.  For example. if you go to our Geography page you’ll see all the posts we’ve published assigned the category Geography and can read the entire contents of all posts on that page.

Most of the Edublogs themes display full posts on the category page.  However, some Edublogs themes show only an excerpt or post title and if you use this type of theme your students will need to click on the post title to view the single post page where they can read the entire post.

Learn more

You’ll find detailed step by step instructions to how to we used categories assigned to posts with a custom menu to different pages on the blog here.


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